May 22, 2015



Hyliion’s Smart Suspension system for trucks – that combines hybrid technology and aerodynamics to reduce fuel consumption by 31% was honored by being announced as a finalist from over 500 applications for the Mass Challenge Award. The Mass. Challenge Committee views the current economic crisis as an enormous opportunity in disguise. Technology is converging across industries and transforming the way business is done. Shifting technology has rendered many business models obsolete, and has left millions of people unemployed and thousands of offices empty. By investing now in innovation and entrepreneurship, the Mass. Challenge Committee believes they can transform whole industries and define the next generation of economic growth engines.

Hyliion was chosen as a finalist in the Mass. Challenge Competition for its innovative suspension system for freight trucks developed by Thomas Healy. The Hyliion Smart Suspension System is an ‘add-on’ hybrid system for tractor trailers that will reduce fuel consumption by over 30%. The Hyliion system uses electrical energy to capture power when the vehicle is slowing down and reuses it to accelerate – thereby reducing fuel consumption and our energy footprint. By equipping the trucking industry with the Hyliion system, it will be possible to achieve a 2% reduction in overall carbon emissions and in total energy usage within the U.S. Thomas said that they felt “incredibly fortunate” to have received this award and the “tremendous support” from Massachusetts. “Participating in the Mass. Challenge Competition has been a phenomenal experience. It’s been inspiring to see so many great ideas,” said Healy.

  • " This award will play a pivotal role in helping us pursue our idea and create a transformative technology. "

    Thomas Healy | CEO of Hyliion

Cultivating and promoting entrepreneurship is central to the Mass. Challenge’s mission. Over the year, the state of Massachusetts sponsors multiple programs dedicated to its thriving community of innovators. The Hyliion / Mass. Challenge alliance is truly a win-win situation.



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