June 19, 2015



June 19, 2015 – The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced plans for Phase 2 of the medium- and heavy-duty vehicle Greenhouse Gas (GHG) standards which are scheduled to take effect in 2021. Phase 1 has already begun implementation as of 2014, with the intent of reducing GHG emissions by 6 billion metric tons over the lifetime of vehicles sold between 2014 and 2018, and by all accounts has been considered an administrative success.

The mandates for these rules stem from President Obama’s June 2013 Climate Action Plan, which sought to elevate the importance of heavy-duty vehicles as the second-largest contributor of GHG emissions within the transportation sector. According to the February 2014 Trucks report from The Whitehouse, in 2010, heavy-duty vehicles accounted for 4% of registered vehicles on the road, but contributed more than 20% of on-road energy use and GHG emissions.

As part of the Phase 1 mandate, all heavy-duty vehicles are required to achieve up to 20% reduction in fuel consumption and GHG emissions by 2018. In addition, new standards beyond the MPG are being introduced taking into account performance per ton-mile in order to better measure the relationship between freight and fuel consumption.

Phase 2 hopes to reduce emissions by an additional 1 billion metric tons, through the implementation of rules around light trucks and vans, and even tractor trailers. These new regulations around trailers alone intend to improve fuel consumption by 24% by 2027, and the additional regulations around light transport hope to create $230 billion in net benefits to society.

Hyliion is proud to point out that these emissions targets are easily achievable with the simple addition of our suspension system to any long-haul trailer. With 6 years until these rules become mandatory, we hope to exceed these targets by a hefty margin.


Infographic regarding Phase II

June 2015 Phase II Announcement

February 2014 Trucks Report

June 2013 Climate Action Plan



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