March 04, 2016

On The Road With Hyliion

On The Road With Hyliion

We are Hyliion. We hybridize the trailer portion of a tractor-trailer combination.  That means our system uses regenerative braking to capture power when the trailer is slowing down, and reuses it by powering the trailer up hills.  We save you over 30% on fuel, making this decision cash flow positive in each and every month. And we improve our country’s energy footprint. The Hyliion system is good for the planet, good for people on the road, and a source of sustainable profit for the trucking industry. Drivers and industry professionals are saying:

  • " I have never heard of anything like this. But if you can do this, it will change the whole industry "

    Andrew Smith | CEO

With Hyliion, environmental trucking saves you money. In future articles, I will discuss the recently imposed standards surrounding the Obama Administration’s Climate Action Plan requiring tractor-trailers to achieve a 20% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions by 2018, and that all trucks built after 2021 to be 24% more fuel-efficient than an equivalent truck built in 2018. 

  • " I took my truck up a 4-lane, divided highway – which was steep enough that I started to lose a little bit of speed.  I started to take my foot off the throttle because the trailer was actually pushing the truck up the hill. It did an exceptional job.  I didn’t even feel the trailer’s motor kick in. It just happened so smoothly. Amazing, the trailer was actually pushing the truck. "

    Driver Dave | 40 Year Truck Driver

The D.O.T. acknowledged that by equipping your trailers with the Hyliion system, you would easily meet these standards, and produce decreases of 10% in transportation emissions, 2% in total energy usage, and 2% in total carbon emissions.  Going forward we will discuss the standards, ways of achieving them, and whether they are appropriate in today’s environment.  

  • " This will cause the driver to relax the throttle – and will increase the fuel mileage considerably. No more hitting the bottom of the hill at 100 miles per hour and trying to make it to the top of the next one at 40. I would guess you’re looking at getting somewhere around 20 miles to the gallon. "

    Driver Dave | 40 Year Truck Driver

We will use experts from DLA Piper and Universities like Carnegie-Mellon to name a few – to help share our collective knowledge base. Our goal is to make this a collection of topics that you are interested in – NOT simply an advertisement for Hyliion’s technology.



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