April 11, 2016



Here at Hyliion, we know that being green isn’t at odds with putting green back in your pocket. That’s why we created our proprietary hybridized tractor-trailers: doing your part to save the environment can stash 30% of your fuel bill back in the bank where it can be mobilized to grow your business faster. Our conservationist philosophy encompasses all our business dealings, so our lease program costs less than your diesel savings each and every month. Saving the Earth and saving your wallet sounds like a win-win to us.

Why does our environment matter?  It matters because:

  • A recent MIT study directly attributes 53,000 deaths per year to transportation emissions.
  • Our CO2 levels are the highest they’ve been in 11 million years – when man was just starting to walk. We’d rather not go back to that time.
  • These same CO2 levels have resulted in temperature peaks 20-degrees higher than our most extreme readings.

Why does Hyliion matter?  We matter because:

  • We’ve invented a way to remove the critical load off of an internal combustion engine, right when it needs it most – as it’s going uphill.
  • We capture energy from braking and coasting downhill so it can be reused later – saving over 30% on fuel costs.
  • Rather than interface with all the different tractor manufacturers out there, we created a simple and universal solution with a standard piece of equipment: the trailer suspension.
  • " Hyliion causes the driver to relax the throttle – increasing fuel mileage considerably.  No more hitting the bottom of the hill at 100 mph and trying to make it to the top of the next one at 40.  You’re looking at getting somewhere around 20 miles to the gallon. "

    Driver Dave | 40 Year Long-Haul Driver

Through the combined forces of Hyliion and the US trucking community, we could reduce American greenhouse gas emissions by up to 150 million metric tons annually, and put up to $15,000 back in your pocket every year. With Hyliion, it pays to be trucking the green way.



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