Intelligent Electric

Performance and environmental data informs machine learning algorithms to optimize emissions performance and efficiency. All new software features and updates are delivered remotely.

lowest 7 year total
cost of ownership

Hypertruck ERX™ provides a 7-year cost of ownership unmatched by any diesel or battery electric Class 8 trucks.

no new

Hypertruck ERX™ supports your existing service, support and operational infrastructure. No massive solar arrays or expensive electrical grid upgrades needed.

no new
driver training

Drivers already familiar with OEM truck operation will find the Hypertruck ERX™ Co-Pilot Driver Display supplements everything a driver knows about how the truck is performing.


1. rng fuels generator

2. generator charges batteries

3. batteries power e-motor

4. e-motor drives rear axles and provides regenerative braking

Fully Electric Drivetrain

Long-haul range, inner city EV

RNG Efficiency

Electric on-board generator is cheaper than power from the grid

0 to 60 in 20 seconds

Fully loaded at 80,000 lbs

*model shown is subject to change

Typical full EV solutions require a complex infrastructure and demand a lot from the grid.
The Hyliion ERX™ powertrain is a fully electric drivetrain Class 8 truck that recharges itself by efficient en route charging.


Zero to sixty in 20 seconds, fully loaded at 80,000 lbs. Machine learning continuously optimizes power output.


Using up to 100% RNG, Hypertruck ERX™ electric power generation is up to 35% less expensive than diesel on a miles per diesel equivalent gallon of fuel.

Fast Refuel & Long Distance

When fully loaded at 80,000 pounds, Hypertruck ERX™ can travel over 1,300 miles, charging its batteries en-route, and can be refueled in 10 minutes or less.

Lighter than all
other Class 8 Trucks

Hypertruck ERX™ is lighter than any diesel or fully electric Class 8. Fleets can haul more freight, not battery weight, giving an even better return on investment.

Net-Negative Carbon Emissions

Fueled with renewable natural gas, Hypertruck ERX™ can deliver net-negative carbon emissions. A fleet of 389 Hypertruck ERX™ trucks offsets 100% of the GHG emissions produced in the entire state of California for a full day.

operates fully
electric when needed

Hypertruck ERX™ can travel seamlessly in and out of cities that require zero emissions vehicles by operating on all electric power for up to 25 miles* without any performance degradation.

none of the Idling,
all of the Driver comfort

Hypertruck ERX™ intelligently manages power generation providing up to 85 hours of continuous auxiliary power for in-cab electronics and HVAC systems without the expense or emissions of idling. A virtually silent APU keeps your drivers comfortable, reduces fatigue and increases safety.

*increased electric range can be configured to order

The average diesel semi-truck emits 210 metric tons of carbon annually.
The Hypertruck ERX™ is the only Class 8 net-negative carbon producing electric powertrain.


RNG is delivered through the same existing nationwide infrastructure as natural gas. RNG will approximate 40% of transportation-consumed natural gas by year-end 2020.

safe and fast refueling

RNG Class 8 refueling is safe, fast, proven, practical and takes no more time to refuel than a Class 8 diesel. RNG is currently available in 700+ commercial vehicle filling stations across the US and Canada.

longer range

With an estimated range of over 1,300 miles between fill ups, Hypertruck ERX™ can travel as far as diesels, and more than twice the distance of comparable battery-only vehicles.


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OEM class 8 manufacturers

Hypertruck ERX™ powertrain is fully compatible with major Class 8 OEMs giving fleet customers the needed choice of brands and build-to-order options, while also leveraging existing trained mechanics and parts inventory.

Battery Configuration Options

Choose your own Hypertruck ERX™ battery configuration option for more power, capacity or both, in a package designed specifically for your preferred OEM.

predictive analytics

Cloud-based ML algorithms deliver optimized maintenance schedules to fleet managers, reducing maintenance costs and increasing asset availability. Our AI-based Driver Health Monitoring System improves on-road safety.

class 8 experience

Hyliion has designed, developed and delivered our Parallel Hybrid solution on several OEM truck platforms. We know what it takes to deliver the world’s cleanest and most efficient Class 8 powertrain.


The Hypertruck ERX™ doesn’t discriminate.
Any major class 8 OEM chassis can support the Hypertruck ERX™’s advanced technology offering.

Explore the ERX on your preferred chassis



Experience the future of trucking with the Hyliion Hypertruck ERX, designed for both over-the-road long-haul and inner city freight transport.

By utilizing a renewable natural gas (RNG) fueled on-board electric generator, the ERX™ powertrain operates as a self-charging, fully electric system without the limitations of alternative battery-only solutions relying solely on grid power.

The ERX™ is incredibly powerful and produces net-negative carbon emissions.