Building the fleet of tomorrow, today

Going beyond simple hybrid electrification, the Hyliion intelligence algorithm takes the guesswork out of fuel efficiency with no driver intervention and a virtually unchanged driver experience.

HySight looks at the topography of your route and determines when to generate and apply power for optimal fuel savings.



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Hyliion reads the road ahead and uses its battery to assist your truck uphill, keeping your engine in its optimal range.
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The battery recharges when going downhill or slowing down.
A4 A4-1 A4-2
Hyliion stores electricity when you are coming to a stop and uses that energy to get you moving again.
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Stay cool and enjoy a restful evening using the Hyliion standalone APU. Oh, and did we mention the two in-cab outlets?

Hassle-Free Hybrid

HySight looks at the topography of your route and determines when to generate and apply power for optimal fuel savings.

“Electrification is the talk of the industry. Hyliion provides a creative solution for long-haul over-the-road trucking that we feel will be of interest to current diesel fleets who are looking for an advanced technology that they can pursue in the very near future. We’re excited to be working with their team on this revolutionary product as this relationship expands upon Ryder’s ability to provide customers with the most innovative solutions to help them streamline operations, promote safety, and reach their efficiency goals.”

Scott Perry

Chief Technology and Procurement Officer, Ryder Fleet Management Solutions


The average truck uses 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel each year while idling at rest stops. That equates to about 13.5% of a long-haul truck’s total fuel consumption. Stop wasting fuel and use the Hyliion idle-free, all-electric APU. Our non-parasitic design leverages our hybrid technology and can power the truck cab for up to 10 hours.




12% APU



The combination of fuel-saving technologies delivers up to 30% fuel savings*

"We are excited to be a part of the testing process with Hyliion on a product that has the potential to be industry changing. The Hyliion team is great to work with."

Paul Pettit

VP of Maintenance, PAM Transport


Hyliion systems deliver more than just fuel savings. Every Hyliion-equipped trailer takes the CO2 emission of 13 cars off the road. Not to mention the decrease in particulates due to regenerative braking.