Around 5% of all greenhouse gases come from heavy duty trucking. That’s more than 2 billion metric tons globally. If every truck were equipped with a Hyliion hybrid system, that would eliminate more than 690 million metric tons of greenhouse gases and save the industry nearly $60 billion.


Energy demand in long-haul, over-the-road trucking requires diesel. Diesel is 50 times more energy dense than even the leading Li-ion battery. This means that a truck would need to be charged twice a day and the batteries would need to be replaced every two years.

Hyliion takes advantage of the diesel refueling infrastructure and the energy density of diesel but burns it more efficiently by keeping the diesel engine in its sweet spot.


As an add-on, the Hyliion Hybrid System has a net-weight addition of only 800 lbs and presents no new range restrictions from a standard diesel.

In practice, the range of a traditional truck can be extended because the system keeps the engine in its optimal operating range, all while burning less fuel, and in turn, less dollars.


The Hyliion Hybrid System is designed with ease of maintenance in mind, only requiring annual fluid changes similar to the vehicle itself.

The system operates automatically, requiring limited driver interaction and is available for purchase today.