The Hyliion® Hybrid solution, designed for Class 8 CNG and diesel commercial trucks, can provide fuel savings or performance improvements via Hyliion’s battery-powered electric hybrid powertrain, which also includes built-in auxiliary power unit, or APU, capability.

Combined with Hyliion’s proprietary software, this comprehensive solution enables fleets to maximize operational performance and advance their ESG goals.*


Free from being dependent on sparse semi-truck charging infrastructure, Hyliion provides an electric hybrid powertrain that captures energy as it drives, providing battery electric benefits for fleets to adopt today, not years from now.

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Brand and engine agnostic, Hyliion Hybrid bolts onto existing or new OEM truck chassis, with a modular and straightforward design that allows for easy installation and simple servicing.

Sleeper Day

How It

The Hyliion Hybrid captures energy through regenerative braking, storing it in the Hyliion battery system. Hyliion’s proprietary software algorithms utilize that energy to improve vehicle performance, without any driver input needed.*

If the truck is a sleeper cab, the system will utilize its built-in APU functionality to reduce idle time.

Power Assist

Energy is captured when traveling downhill and when braking, and then used in a focused manner to provide additional power when needed, such as on uphill grades. This additional power allows the recipient truck to perform as if it has a larger engine in it.*


Typically utilized for CNG fueled trucks.

Fuel Savings

Special focus is applied to the capture of energy, ensuring maximum efficiency. The system then uses that energy to reduce fuel consumption during normal operations, by providing a supplementary power source to reduce the load on the traditional engine.


Testing in the hilly terrain of Pennsylvania demonstrated a 7% increase in fuel efficiency, when compared to a stock truck.**


Typically utilized for diesel fueled trucks.


During rest periods, APU functionality uses stored energy in the battery system to provide 8 hours of air conditioning for the driver, which reduces engine idling and fuel consumption.***


This functionality is only available on sleeper cabs.


The brain of the powertrain, Hyliion’s software technology is the driving force behind the entire system.

Hyliion Hybrid comes with intelligent system algorithms, geographical awareness, a configurable battery management system, automatic traction-assist and a sophisticated user interface for an all-around better driver experience.

Technology Features

System Algorithms

The Hyliion Hybrid software system algorithms are designed to maximize output according to the desired objective (fuel savings or power assist), utilizing numerous system, terrain and data inputs. The system regularly monitors over 1GB of data per tractor, per day.

Terrain Look-Ahead

Cloud-based Hyliion Terrain Look-Ahead technology analyzes up to 25 miles of terrain ahead of the vehicle, to feed back into the system’s algorithms, allowing for the precise capture and usage of energy.

TERRAIN LOOK-AHEAD uses various geographic data sources and creates geo-zones. This technology automatically categorizes the approach that the truck should take with regards to charging strategy during downhill or uphill transit.

Battery Management System (BMS)

Hyliion’s proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) controls the li-ion battery pack, using advanced state-of-charge calculations and dynamic cell balancing, for the ultimate in safety and reliability.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

In-cab interface designed to provide system status and control for features like Terrain Look-Ahead and Automatic Traction-Assist.

SYSTEM OVERVIEW delivers a live hybrid system overview so drivers can see when the system is assisting or charging, engage additional traction assist and utilize the APU to cool the cab during mandatory rest periods or hotelling instead of idling the engine.

Automatic Traction-Assist

Hyliion’s Automatic Traction-Assist provides support and peace of mind to the driver, automatically engaging e-axle traction assist at speeds up to 25mph.

Over-The-Air Updates

The Hyliion Hybrid is equipped with over-the-air update capability, allowing the system to be remotely updated as the software is upgraded, reducing downtime and the need for unscheduled maintenance.


Hyliion customers are putting our solutions to work in a range of fields from recycling and oil & gas to standard freight.

Contact the Hyliion sales team to learn how Hybrid could work for you.

"I was [just] excited because I walked inside from looking at the Wegmans order and being able to visualize the finished product, I was on an emotional high when I took the call from the DM. I know this design is going to work perfectly. I feel the design package is solid and the thought that we have truly built a Volvo CNG / electric hybrid vehicle is impressive. I think this is a big deal personally. Hyliion is a reputable company (Product of the year 2018 & having a direct partnership with Dana), as a designer I'm truly proud to be a part of this"

- Chad Hyder, Volvo Sales & Order Engineering

"This hybrid Volvo truck is fitted with a Hyliion Hybrid CNG system, a true performance game changer that gives the truck enough torque and horsepower to pull a tandem set."

- Wegmans Blog Post (9/23/2020)

"Until now, we could only use diesel trucks to pull tandem sets. They’re our most powerful engines with the lowest fuel economy (MPG), making them the highest diesel consumption trucks we have,” explains Harris. “With this one hybrid electric CNG truck, we’ve flipped that on its head and taken the dirtiest job on the highway and made it the cleanest part of what we do."

- Matt Harris, Wegmans Fleet Maintenance Department Manager