Hyliion Climate Control

Climate control comes courtesy of the battery and motor Thermal Management System. Hyliion Climate Control delivers 12 hours of superior performance.

Independent AC

Hyliion’s climate control is separate from the truck’s factory AC and accessories, meaning it won’t drain the 12 volt batteries.

Drivers can cool the cab during breaks and overnight during mandatory rests without having to worry.

Idle Reduction

By eliminating idle time for the entire mandatory rest period, Hyliion In-Cab Climate Control can deliver over 10% fuel and emissions savings.

Driver Satisfaction

Driver turnover is up to 95%

The Hyliion Climate Control feature is unique because of its access to Li-ion batteries and higher voltage. This enables operation upward of 12 hours with an output of 12,000 BTUs, easily providing comfort and power for the entirety of the driver’s rest period.

Lower Maintenance costs

Each hour of unnecessary idling equates to roughly 80 miles of wear and tear and nearly $1,000 in annual maintenance costs.

Routine maintenance is limited to swapping fluids every 300,000 miles. Because the system is self-contained, it places no additional strain on the truck’s batteries for a fully electric, non-parasitic climate control system. The modular design allows for simple replacement in the field when required and is covered by Hyliion’s class leading 3-year warranty.