Hyliion Inc. will be providing three vehicles to Penske Truck Leasing, all of which will incorporate its 6X4HE Class 8 hybrid system. (Earlier post.) The solution was developed in partnership with Dana Inc., whose Spicer Electrified components are part of the e-Powertrain solution.


The Hyliion 6X4HE’s modular design allows for easy installation and simple servicing. Brand- and engine-agnostic, the 6X4HE can be installed on any Class 8 vehicle from any manufacturer. Components include:

  • The battery pack;
  • control unit;
  • thermal management system;
  • electric axle (up to 1,500 lb-ft (2,000 N·m) and 115 hp);
  • co-pilot display, allowing the driver to monitor the 6X4HE; and
  • an aerodyanmics package to reduce air resistance at speed, with up to 3% fuel and emissions savings.


The remaining vehicles will be delivered throughout the year, allowing Penske to complement its fleet with the combined Hyliion-Dana Class 8 electrified solution. As part of the program, Penske will provide ongoing assessments on current and next-generation products.