As a Reservation Program participant, you will secure these benefits:

  1. Priority position in the Hypertruck ERX production queue
  2. Priority allocation of Hypertruck ERX demo vehicles in mid-2021
  3. Opportunity for recognition as a “Founding Hypertruck ERX Customer” in cooperative marketing programs
  4. Until September 1, 2020 Hypertruck Reservations placed in excess of 100 trucks will receive complimentary attendance to a 3-day Hypertruck Launch Event in Austin, TX(1)

(1) Reservation must not have been canceled prior to event. Limited to two admission passes for each order in excess of 100 units. Includes travel and accommodation arrangements and expenses.

Pricing: Pricing will be finalized when placing a purchase order based on quantity ordered and optional equipment for each Hypertruck ERX.

Confirmation: With a deposit of $5,000 per truck, your reservation will be immediately approved and scheduled for production. Please call Hyliion Sales: 1.833.495.4466 (ext 1) to confirm a reservation deposit with a conditional purchase order.

Cancellation: All deposit reservations will be refunded in the event the reservation is cancelled by either party.

Reservation Terms & Conditions: Please click “here” for Hypertruck ERX Reservation Terms and Conditions

Reservation Details

Hypertruck ERX Configuration

By clicking “Reserve Now” you will reserve a priority spot in production.

Please call 1-833-495-4466 (ext 1) to talk to a sales member, place a Hypertruck ERX™ reservation,
or to learn more information about how the ERX™ can improve the efficiency,
performance and emissions profile of your fleet.