The Hyliion System replaces the existing passive axle and can be installed in an hour. Installation is quick and easy, and all fleet maintenance centers along with your garage will have the equipment and training to execute this process.

Built With the Best

Hyliion’s intelligent electric drive axle system is built with market proven parts.

Enclosed System

The system itself is enclosed, protecting it from standard use over-the-road wear and tear, making it unlikely to incur any additional maintenance costs.

Road Tested

The Hyliion system and all of it’s components have been road tested, maintenance free.


60 Minute Installation

The Hyliion System can be retrofitted to work with any box trailer without changing any parameters of trailer height or length, cab height or length, or resale value of the tractor and trailer. The system replaces the existing trailer passive axle and can be installed in under an hour with only a few short steps.

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