Our Top Priority


If anything goes wrong the Hyliion System immediately reverts to a passive axle. ZERO DOWNTIME.


By shifting some mechanical braking stress onto the Hyliion System, brake pads and engines will go further and last longer, requiring less maintenance and fewer replacements.



All Hyliion Systems come equipped with a simple failsafe: If anything goes wrong, at any time, they immediately return to a passive axle state. ZERO DOWNTIME.

On the electronic side of things, our controllers, motors and batteries are all water and oil-cooled and have their own set of fail safes built into them. Acceleration and regenerative current limits are programmed in to prevent the systems from being permanently damaged in the event of a surge.

Temperature and stability maximums are also programmed into the system so the various units limit themselves or shut themselves down when approaching dangerous conditions.

Improved Quality of life

The Hyliion system's APU has a life of 20 hours and lasts 10 YEARS. Our APU can power the truck for 20 hours of continuous energy, not only providing a better night’s sleep but also greater range. For drivers, that means fewer stops, shorter trips, and safer routes. If that isn't enough, the APU will last 2 years longer than the traditional APU's that drivers are used too.



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