The Hyliion System uses hybrid technology and aerodynamics to produce an average 30% in fuel savings.

The Hyliion solution focuses on the trailer, as opposed to the truck. With more than 6 Million trailers registered in the U.S., the Hyliion system can be installed on nearly every trailer type in less than one hour. The Hyliion solution uses regenerative braking to capture power when the vehicle is slowing down, and reuse it upon acceleration.

The result is an average 30% reduction in fuel consumption. The Hyliion solution is also unique in offering: a built in APU, enhanced stability control, and improved trailer analytics.


Fuel Reduction


Installation Time


Monthly Savings
Innovative Hybrid Technology

Hyliion uses regenerative braking to capture energy and reuses it to help push the trailer.

1 Month ROI

The Hyliion System produces instantaneous, positive, monthly cash flow – starting with Month #1.

30% Fuel Savings

Our 30% fuel savings varies slightly between Regional and Long-Haul, but in both cases you start saving immediately.

Electric Engine Idle

The Hyliion System can be used as an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to provide even more savings.

Data Analytics

We offer additional tools that keep track of your trailers real-time and make real-time route decisions.

Reduced Air Drag

Our unique aerodynamic package significantly reduces air resistance, saving you even more on fuel.

60 min Installation

The Hyliion System replaces your existing axle system, and can be installed in an hour.


By shifting the mechanical stress of braking onto the Hyliion System, brake pads and engines will go further and last longer, requiring less maintenance and fewer replacements.

The Hyliion System Pays For Itself


Annual Savings


5 Year Savings


One of the fuel benefits of the Hyliion System is its function as an APU, meaning it powers the cab of the truck while the driver is at a rest stop. The diesel engine does not have to run during the night, saving fuel.

An industry leading APU manufacturer estimates a truck idles 2500 hours at rest stops each year, or a little over 8 hours a day, 300 days a year. This idling burns about 1.2 gallons of fuel every hour resulting in 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel, or 13.5% of total fuel consumed, being wasted at rest stops each year.

The Hyliion System can power a truck cab for 20 hours, easily out performing an industry standard, idle-free all-electric APU.

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