Hyliion Hybrid

A retrofit Class 8 hybrid powertrain, providing the benefits of electrification without changing day-to-day operations or preferred models

Putting Kinetic Energy to Work

Hyliion Hybrid converts kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost into useful benefits for fleets of all sizes.

The Modular and Efficient Solution to Your Power Needs
Operational Performance

Utilizing captured energy from its e-axle, Hybrid can improve fuel efficiency when equipped on diesel tractors and provide a necessary power boost when equipped on CNG tractors.

Attainable Electrification

Requiring no new fueling infrastructure and able to be installed on most Class 8 tractors, Hybrid provides an easy to integrate electrified solution. The powertrain operates automatically and requires minimal training to operate.

Idle Reduction

When equipped on a sleeper cab tractor, Hybrid doubles as an electric auxiliary power unit (eAPU) that can reduce engine idling by providing up to eight hours of idle-free air conditioning.

State-of-the-Art Innovation

Designed to be easy to operate, Hyliion Hybrid combines software and hardware
features into a retrofit electrified powertrain solution.

Terrain Look-Ahead
Automatic Traction-Assist
Hyliion CoPilot
Cloud-based Hyliion Terrain Look-Ahead technology analyzes up to 25 miles of terrain ahead of the vehicle, to feed back into the system’s algorithms, allowing for the precise capture and usage of energy.
Terrain Look-Ahead
Automatic Traction-Assist provides support and peace of mind to the driver, automatically engaging e-axle traction assist at speeds up to 25mph.
Automatic Traction-Assist
Hyliion Hybrid’s CoPilot HMI provides the driver with all the information needed to operate and monitor the system, including the eAPU functionality.
Hyliion CoPilot

The Hyliion Hybrid

The Hyliion Hybrid captures energy through regenerative braking, storing it in the Hyliion battery system. Hyliion’s proprietary software algorithms utilize that energy to improve vehicle performance, without any driver input needed. If the truck is a sleeper cab, the system will utilize its built-in APU functionality to reduce idle time.
Keep Your Model of Choice

Brand and engine agnostic, the Hyliion Hybrid bolts onto existing or new model truck chassis, with a modular and straightforward design that allows for easy installation and simple servicing.

Keep Your OEM of Choice
David Shelton - President and CEO, Western Dairy Transport, LLC

Drivers and Fleets Love It

Bring the benefits of the Hyliion Hybrid to your fleet with confidence by hearing what drivers and fleets are saying about this retrofit electrified powertrain.

“We chose Hyliion because it was on-the-ground technology and we were ready to advance our efforts in sustainability.”

David Shelton President and CEO, Western Dairy Transport, LLC
Ed Davis - Driver, Matheson, Inc

“I’ve been impressed with this Hybrid… It’s very noticeable when it assists climbing the hills.”

Ed Davis Driver, Matheson, Inc
Alex Greene - President, TR Oliver Trucking

“The week that I was running the Hyliion truck on CNG, the cost to operate that truck was almost two-thirds less than a diesel application. That’s massive.”

Alex Greene President, TR Oliver Trucking

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions or connect with our sales team for additional help.

Does Hyliion Hybrid replace the existing powertrain? arrow-right-icon

No, Hyliion Hybrid supplements the existing powertrain. The installation is fully reversible.

Does the system improve both fuel economy and performance? arrow-right-icon

No, the system can be setup to improve fuel economy or performance, but not both.

Which Class 8 tractors does Hyliion Hybrid work on? arrow-right-icon

We’ve installed the system on almost every major model’s product. If you’re interested in learning whether the system can work for your fleet, Hyliion can provide an assessment with just a few pieces of information.

What application or terrain is best suited for the system? arrow-right-icon

As a result of how the system captures and deploys kinetic energy, Hyliion Hybrid shows the strongest performance when used in terrain that is moderately hilly.

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