Hybridize your tractor trailer by installing an intelligent electric drive and APU

Upgrade your class 8 truck into an instant hybrid with the Hyliion 6X4HE and enjoy lower fuel costs, lower emissions, instant telematics, and a better driver experience. Regenerative braking captures power when slowing down, then electric power is applied when necessary to keep your diesel engine at its most efficient RPM.




12% APU



The combination of fuel-saving technologies delivers up to 30% fuel savings*

“Innovation in fuel savings is nothing new to us, but Hyliion’s system is the only thing we’ve seen that could make such a big impact.”

Royal Jones

CEO, Mesilla Valley Transportation

6X4HE Integration

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Uniquely efficient and non-parasitic, the Hyliion electric APU delivers 18,000 BTUs for 10 hours on a single charge from the Hyliion batteries. In addition, the Hyliion APU provides electricity in the cab through two outlets. Shore Power enabled.


The 6X4HE comes with a comprehensive aerodynamics package that significantly reduces air resistance, contributing to fuel savings.

HySight and In-Cab Display

Free for the first year, HySight provides your fleet management real-time truck location data. HySight also looks at the topography of your route and determines when to generate and apply power for optimal fuel savings.


The Hyliion rugged In-Cab Display lets your driver know how the Hyliion 6X4HE is performing. And it allows the driver to quick charge the Hyliion battery as needed before hoteling.

Take Maintenance Out of Your Truck

Regenerative braking reduces brake system wear. Reduced idling, from APU usage, decreases engine run time. Reduction in diesel particulates lowers after treatment system maintenance. And no-start situations are eliminated with the Hyliion battery.

*Fuel savings will vary based on driving habits, terrain, truck specifications, weather, and load.