Hyliion Launches Improved Hybrid Truck Powertrain, All-Electric HyperTruck ERX

Hyliion announced an improved version of its Hybrid system at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach, California, and showed off a long-range version of its Hypertruck ERX that will help truck makers meet California zero-emissions truck regulations.

This updated version of Hyliion’s hybrid powertrain, designated the Hyliion Hybrid eX, offers fleets a lighter solution that is easier to install, service, and operate, according to the company. The Hybrid eX draws upon the real-world feedback Hyliion has received from customers and the millions of miles logged with the previous system.

The Hybrid eX features a number of improvements over the earlier Hybrid configuration, including:

  • A simpler, more rugged design with a consolidated battery box that aims to significantly streamline the installation process
  • Reduced net system weight, allowing for greater payload
  • New e-axle for improved efficiency
  • Refined software and cloud connectivity aiming to deliver over-the-air performance and proprietary updates more efficiently
  • New automatic traction-assist feature and updated control interfaces for improved driver experience.
  • Cybersecurity advancements

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