An additive manufacturing enabled generator technology that uses heat to drive a sealed electricity producing linear generator

The KARNO Generator Technology
The Modular and Efficient Solution to Your Power Needs

Whether it is integrated into a mobile platform, or in a stationary application, the KARNO generator provides unrivaled flexibility and performance.

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How it Works

Similar to a linear free-piston Stirling Cycle, the KARNO generator uses heat to expand working fluid within a hermetically sealed cavity, pushing a piston assembly through a magnetic field to create electric current. This heat can be created by reacting fuels in an external reaction chamber or captured from other external heat sources.

Flexible Applications

The KARNO generator technology can be used in transportation, stationary, and marine applications.

Reduced Maintenance
Reduced Maintenance

With only four moving parts and a hermetically sealed working fluid, the KARNO generator is expected to provide significant reductions in maintenance costs and downtime. Unlike internal combustion engines with complex controls and many moving parts, the Karno’s external thermal reactor is a much simpler design that is entirely separate from the working piston.

Increased Efficiency

By utilizing additive manufacturing, the KARNO generator is able to employ highly efficient flameless oxidation to provide an expected 20% increase in efficiency over today’s leading generators, ultimately reducing operating costs.

True Fuel Agnostic Capability
True Fuel Agnostic Capability

Since it only needs heat to operate, the KARNO generator provides a true fuel agnostic capability. The same generator hardware can utilize over 20 different types of fuel.

Modular Design
Modular Design

The core KARNO cylinder design is modular in nature, allowing the technology to accommodate various levels of power demand, across applications. Simply increase the number of KARNO cylinders to increase total output.

KARNO Stationary

Unlock the true potential of stationary power applications with KARNO, the game-changing generator technology. From enabling EV charging and renewable matching to peak shaving, providing prime power, and waste gas utilization, KARNO generator technology empowers operators with increased efficiency and reliability, revolutionizing the way energy is harnessed for a sustainable future.

EV Charging
Renewables Matching
Peak Shaving Back-Up
Waste Gas
Prime Power
With the transition to EVs well underway, it is becoming clear that establishing the necessary charging infrastructure is the primary challenge. KARNO generator technology addresses that by closing the power gap with a quickly deployed modular solution for charging needs, that is also cost efficient and reliable.
When the demand for green energy outweighs the capabilities of solar and wind power, renewables-focused operators can use KARNO generator technology to fill in the operational gaps at roughly 1/5th the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE)*, of battery storage.

*NREL Grid Scale Battery Storage FAQ; NREL Energy Storage Grand Challenge Cost & Performance Assessment 2020.
Solidify your power, while also realizing substantial electricity savings during high-load periods. Peak rates can come at a multiple of base rates, especially where the grid is constrained. The KARNO generator allows an operator to back up their power while curbing peak load costs.
Harness the untapped potential of waste gas. By efficiently converting waste gas into clean, renewable electricity, KARNO generator technology not only reduces environmental impact but also unlocks a valuable source of power for enhanced sustainability and cost savings.
Elevate your power infrastructure to new heights with KARNO generator technology, delivering hands-off, quiet operating, grid-like power generation. With high reliability and lower cost, this technology stands as the ultimate solution to meet critical power needs, offering uninterrupted operations and peace of mind.
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