Battery Packs

With an in-house battery lab, Hyliion is able to create custom battery designs and support chemistries for any BEV or hybrid powertrain.


Hyliion is equipped to produce a variety of battery modules in-house.

We design our modules to be compatible with a range of hybrid system configurations while also offering custom designed solutions.


Hyliion currently focuses on the two leading lithium based chemistries – LTO and NMC.

LTO is rated for much higher counts and fast charge/discharge, ideal for hybrid vehicles.

NMC has high energy density and is designed for full EV solutions with longer charge cycles.


In-house assembly means we know everything about our batteries.

From assembly to laser welding to thermal testing, Hyliion offers scaleable battery module solutions to support EV and hybrid electric adoption.


Thermal management starts with our focus on cooling, and advanced liquid-cooled innovations keep our batteries regulated.

By properly managing a battery’s thermal characteristics, we can significantly increase life and cycle count.


The battery systems lab is equipped with the most sophisticated battery testing equipment that allows us to test all of our designs efficiently.

We perform thermal, lifecycle and endurance testing at the cell, module and pack level to ensure our full system is the best it can be.


On top of our LTO and NMC chemistries, we also provide custom battery designs with various chemistries.

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