Engineering a Revolution with a World Class Team


Big trucks. Bigger impact. At Hyliion, we are motivated by the challenges of our day-to-day work, but at our core we are driven by our desire to build a more sustainable future. Each employee contributes to developing products and solutions that have real-world impact. We recognize the urgency of the technological hurdles that lie before us and are relentless in our pursuit toward a more environmentally and economically sound future.


Empowerment is not just a word on the wall for us. We strive to create a culture with intention and impart a feeling of responsibility and autonomy in each of our employees. With a sense of adventure in our work and in our lives, team members share in a community that pushes themto challenge themselves professionally and support one another in their interests beyond the office.


Thomas Healy

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Greg Van de Vere

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Camp

Chief Operating Officer

Patrick Sexton

Senior Vice President, Engineering and Powertrain Systems

Scott Johnson

Vice President, Software

Dave Mullinix

Vice President, UI/UX

Cody Loos

Director of Operations

Matt Gold

Director of Sales