Hyliion is constantly prototyping and testing new battery designs and features to support the rapidly evolving industry. From rapid prototyping to laser welding, we’re at the forefront of class 8 innovation.


We run simulations on our batteries and full system performance to ensure faster development while meeting customer facing requirements.

By doing the math first, we can build, test and launch safely and efficiently.


Being able to prototype in house means we can innovate quickly and shorten design cycles.

With a lab packed with state of the art equipment our engineers are able to explore new designs, continue to improve cooling techniques and create new assembly methods.


The battery systems lab is equipped with the most sophisticated battery testing equipment that allows us to test all of our designs efficiently.

We perform thermal, lifecycle, and endurance testing at the cell, module and pack level to ensure our full system is the best it can be.


While we provide custom battery designs with various chemistries we’re continually pursuing new, state-of-the-art battery innovations.

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