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Hyliion and Detmar Logistics – Working Together for the Long Haul

How two Texas-based companies are cleaning up the oil and gas industry.
Jul 01, 2022
Detmar Logistics Hybrid


Detmar Logistics LLC is a premier provider of frac sand logistics. As a leader in the oil and gas industry, Detmar believes it is imperative to reduce its carbon footprint and has chosen to partner with Hyliion as it works toward powering 100% of its fleet with low-emission solutions by 2026.

8.2% improvement in fuel savings over baseline

As an early adopter of electrification in the oil and gas industry, Detmar placed an initial order of 10 Hyliion Hybrid units as the first step in transforming its fleet with greener technology. The successful deployment of these units—met with positive feedback from its operations team, drivers, and customers—facilitated an 8.2% improvement in fuel savings over baseline (FSOB), which landed Detmar on the HDT 2021 Top Green Fleets list.


Transportation is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the US, accounting for 29% of all emissions1. Freight trucks account for roughly 24% of all transportation in the nation, making these traditionally diesel-burning vehicles a major contributor to GHG emissions.

With such a substantial impact on carbon pollution, it’s evident why so many new solutions are being proposed in the Class 8 sector. However, while there are many products being discussed, their real-world application is far from being realized.

Looking at strictly battery-electric (BEV) tractors, fleets will encounter severely limited range and a lack of charging stations across the country. Creating additional charging station infrastructure is costly, time consuming and difficult for most grids to adopt at scale. Fleets waiting for hydrogen fuel-cell (FCEV) solutions to come to fruition could be waiting up to a decade before they can begin achieving their ESG goals. This is due to high fuel costs, high equipment costs and an almost complete lack of fueling infrastructure.

The Hyliion Hybrid is a practical solution that is actively hauling loads, having accumulated over 3.5 million miles to date. Prior to engaging with Hyliion, Detmar was struggling to find an option that allowed it to operate efficiently while pushing toward its sustainability goals. Detmar soon recognized that the Hybrid was the only reliable, sustainability-focused long-haul powertrain solution for today and tomorrow.


Since its inception, Hyliion sought to develop a product that allows fleets to transition from purely diesel trucks to the fully electric trucks of the future, with a focus on ease of implementation. This novel approach led to the creation of the Hyliion Hybrid.

The Hybrid can provide fuel savings and performance improvements via Hyliion’s retrofit battery-powered hybrid-electric powertrain2. Combined with proprietary software and battery technology, this comprehensive solution enables fleets to achieve maximum operational performance while advancing their ESG goals

For diesel trucks, as is the case with Detmar’s fleet, the Hybrid’s primary benefit is fuel-savings – a particularly impactful one in the face of rising diesel prices. The Hybrid can deliver measurable FSOB, dependent on terrain, load, and eAPU usage. Detmar operates in a mostly flat region in Texas and are still seeing an 8.2% fuel economy improvement thanks to their diligent use of the eAPU3.

“Hyliion’s approach to electrification by making improvements to our existing semi-trucks makes the most sense for us. We believe in doing our part in pushing toward reliable, low carbon alternatives and we look forward to achieving that through Hyliion’s Hybrid solution”

Matt Detmar
Detmar Logistics President and CEO

With sustainability at the core of its operations, Detmar Logistics has consciously made the choice to transition to green energy. Detmar sees partnering with Hyllion as an investment in its fleet, its drivers, and in future generations.

Detmar Logistics Hybrids

[2] Fuel savings and performance improvement dependent on multiple factors, including diesel or CNG fuel application.
[3] FSOB in diesel trucks is dependent on multiple factors including driver behavior, road conditions, terrain, load, and eAPU usage.

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