Battery Management System

Hyliion’s proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) supports all Li-Ion chemistries for both hybrid and fully electric vehicle requirements.


1 BMS can be used across different module types offering a wide range of usability.

Configurable and intelligent, the Hyliion BMS ensures batteries operate safely and effectively.

Cell Balancing

The Hyliion BMS provides individual cell monitoring and temperature readings.

The Hyliion BMS also features advanced state-of-charge calculations and active cell balancing control.


Designed for scale with centralized control for mid-to-large size power and energy storage applications

The Hyliion BMS boasts support for 12v to 800v systems.


We run simulations on our batteries and full system performance with the goal to ensure faster development while meeting customer facing requirements.

By doing the math first, we believe we can build, test and launch safely and efficiently.

BMS Solutions

Contact us to discuss utilizing our advanced BMS technology with your battery solutions