Be the leading provider of electrified powertrain solutions for the commercial transportation industry.

Our vision for a global net-carbon-negative commercial transportation industry is ambitious, real and achievable through our technology.

Our Story

Hyliion was founded by an ambitious entrepreneur, mechanical engineer and sports racer Thomas Healy in 2015 to achieve three interlocking goals:

Deliver the practical advantages of hybrid and electric technology to commercial fleets.

Accelerate innovation and reduce costs in commercial transportation and logistics.

Be a technology leader in the global fight against climate change by delivering solutions that reduce or negate carbon emissions.

Where we are today

Since then, the need to achieve these goals has only grown more urgent. Consumers worldwide are demanding corporate social responsibility—of which sustainable commercial fleet management is a dominant factor—through their wallets. More than ever, brands are adopting CSR initiatives and demanding their partners do the same. Fleet owners and managers, meanwhile, are tasked with reducing emissions and costs while maintaining fleet performance, a challenge that historically has been unsolvable.

It’s not a challenge we set out to solve five or 10 years into the future. The market—and the planet—can’t wait that long. Fleets, brands and truck drivers need practical solutions now.

We’ve embraced that challenge from the outset not by total industry transformation that attempts to “reinvent the wheel,” but by reimagining what’s possible with technology that we know is reliable and will work.

That philosophy of innovation has led Hyliion to where it is today, with products on the market and in final development that allow us to deliver immediate value to customers and to be a positive force of change for the commercial transportation industry and, ultimately, the planet.


We can’t achieve the ambitious goals we set for ourselves alone. Our vision can only be realized when we deliver to fleet owners and consumer brands the practical solutions that help them exceed their operational goals, increase profit margins and enhance fleet performance. 

Hyliion is establishing a network of strategic partners that include OEMs, install partners and refueling stations to support faster time to market and add value while laying the foundation for net-carbon-negative emissions.



As part of our commitment to achieving the principles of responsible environmental management, Hyliion will support our systems’ carbon emission reduction solutions by also ensuring our operational strategy does not compromise our natural surroundings. We recognize our moral and legal obligations such that our activities, equipment, materials, and services are designed and utilized such that they do not negatively impact the community in which we operate. While our company continues to grow, we will pursue continual improvement of our Environmental Management System and remain diligent to strive for operational excellence as it relates to the environment around us.