Hyliion’s KARNO™ Technology Successfully Tests on Unprocessed Permian Basin Gas

Dec 15, 2023

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hyliion Holdings Corp. (NYSE: HYLN), a developer of sustainable electricity production technology, today announced that its KARNO generator technology has successfully been tested using untreated natural gas directly from the Permian Basin. This achievement highlights the KARNO generator’s innovative fuel-agnostic capability, and further demonstrates a significant step forward in the efficient utilization of natural resources.

During a test of the KARNO reactor, the technology showcased the ability to effectively utilize raw, unprocessed field gas to achieve the necessary heat levels for electricity generation while maintaining an ultra-low emissions profile.

“This milestone is particularly noteworthy as it highlights the anticipated operation of the KARNO generator at oil and gas sites, without the prerequisite of purifying most gases,” said Thomas Healy, Founder and CEO of Hyliion. “One of our focus areas for early adoption is the oil and gas industry, as we see an ever-growing demand to reduce harmful flaring.”

Historically, oil and gas facilities will release or flare off excess or unusable gas; however, the KARNO generator is expected to offer the ability to utilize this gas to produce electricity. By converting this untreated gas into electricity, the KARNO generator can offer a dual benefit: significantly reducing emissions compared to standard flaring processes and generating a valuable revenue byproduct for the sites.

The KARNO generator is also expected to be used at oil and gas facilities to power the onsite equipment and replace the use of conventional generators. At many production facilities today, operators transport purified gas in to run the onsite generators. Instead, the KARNO system is expected to operate using the gas coming directly from the site, eliminating extra expenses and logistical complexities.

About Hyliion

Hyliion is committed to creating innovative solutions that enable clean, flexible and affordable electricity production. The Company’s primary focus is to provide distributed power generators that can operate on various fuel sources to future-proof against an ever-changing energy economy. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, and with research and development in Cincinnati, OH, Hyliion is addressing the commercial space first with a locally-deployable generator that can offer prime power, peak shaving, and renewables matching. Beyond stationary power, Hyliion will address mobile applications such as vehicles and marine. The KARNO generator is a fuel-agnostic solution, enabled by additive manufacturing, that leverages a linear heat generator architecture. The Company aims to offer innovative, yet practical solutions that contribute positively to the environment in the energy economy.

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